Who Should See a Juneau Chiropractor Have you been toying with the idea of making an appointment with your Juneau chiropractor but aren’t sure if it can help you? Do you have this nagging health concern in the back of your mind and so you would like to know if chiropractic care will give you the peace of mind that you so desperately need?

There are many health benefits of regular chiropractic care, but here are some examples of people who really should schedule an appointment with their Juneau chiropractor:

  • Someone with back or neck pain. Whether you feel a dull ache or sharp pain in your neck or upper or lower back, it is possible that a disc or vertebrae is out of place or compressed, meaning that you’re not going to experience true and complete relief until the issue is corrected, which is possible via chiropractic care.
  • A person who has chronic headaches. Sometimes headaches and migraines can be triggered by misalignments in the spine or herniated discs pinching nerves. Dr. Messerschmidt can assess if this is an issue for you and create a plan to ease your headaches naturally. 
  • Anyone who has been involved in an car accident. Even the slightest jarring of an auto accident or a slip on the ice has the ability to cause you a tremendous amount of problems both now and in the future. Pain is not always present either, so you’re better off getting checked out to ensure that no damage has occurred to your spinal column, potentially reappearing when you least expect it.
  • Athletes or weekend warriors with a sports injury. Engaging in sports can be extremely hard on your body and create undue pain and aggravation. However, when you engage in regular chiropractic care, your body is stronger and more able to handle the activity. Additionally, a lot of sports injuries can be managed with chiropractic remedies, making it a must for prevention as well as treatment.
  • Anyone who strives to be healthy. Although a visit to your Juneau chiropractor is in order whenever you’re injured, you should also see a chiropractor regularly if you want to be as healthy as you can be. Your spinal column houses the central nervous system, so it has to be free of kinks, allowing your brain to freely communicate with the rest of your body.

In short, everyone can benefit from chiropractic care. Call Dr. Steven Messerschmidt at Aurora Chiropractic Center in Juneau, AK to schedule your appointment today!