Juneau, AK Work Injury ChiropractorAt last report, the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that almost four out of every 100 full-time U.S. workers suffered from some sort of work-related injury or illness. That is just under three million in total, which highlights the prevalence of these types of issues, as well as the need to treat them. Fortunately, a few visits with your Juneau chiropractor are often an effective work injury remedy.

Common Work Injuries That Chiropractic Helps

Although it is common to think of using chiropractic to treat work injuries in jobs that are physical in nature, such as construction and labor, even office workers can do damage to their musculoskeletal system. In fact, in our Juneau chiropractic office, it’s not out of the ordinary to treat work-related injuries like carpal tunnel, back pain, headaches, neck pain, and more. 

Some work injuries are created by accidents, such as falling or being struck by machinery or equipment, but others occur due to repetitive movements. Therefore, no one is immune from work injuries, as they can strike anyone at any time.

Work Injury Treatment

The key to effectively treating a work-related injury is to catch it as soon as possible to limit the extent of the damage. So, even if you aren’t in that much pain initially, it is always a good idea to get checked out immediately, regardless of the cause.

At Aurora Chiropractic Center, we offer a few different work injury treatment options for Juneau residents. For instance, a few manual spinal adjustments may be all it takes to ease your pain, and massage therapy can potentially help as well.

Who Covers the Cost?

When you are injured during the course of employment, you might be entitled to certain benefits (chiropractic included) under Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s Workers’ Compensation. And if you are a licensed commercial fisherman, you may even be eligible for chiropractic benefits due to a work injury via the Workers’ Compensation Fishermen’s Fund.

If you’ve been hurt on the job, call our Juneau chiropractic office today and see what we can do to help you with a speedy recovery!


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