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Welcome to Aurora Chiropractic Center In Juneau, AK

Aurora Chiropractic Center offers state-of-the-art facilities which allow us to provide top of the line chiropractic care for the whole family. We also offer therapy, rehabilitation, examination and x-ray.

No one wants or deserves to live in pain. Pain has an awful way of stealing precious moments from our lives and leaving us just hoping to survive another day. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many people, but Dr. Steven D. Messerschmidt DC IANM at Aurora Chiropractic Center in Juneau, AK, dedicates his chiropractic practice to changing it.

Since 1983, Dr. Messerschmidt and his wife, Lisa, have run a chiropractic and orthopedic practice where we strive to make care enjoyable as well as beneficial. Patients of Aurora Chiropractic Center find lasting and comprehensive relief from symptoms and conditions such as chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, shoulder pain, disc problems, sciatica, knee pain, headaches and migraines, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, work injuries, auto injuries, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, bunions, gait issues, and more.

He is committed to ensuring that every individual gets the personalized care they need by beginning with X-rays, orthopedic evaluations, or other assessment techniques to identify and properly diagnose the underlying issue. He then customizes treatment plans according to his findings, the patient’s needs, and their comfort. Some of the various methods he utilizes include several adjustment techniques, spinal decompression therapy, impulse therapies, massage therapy, nutritional therapy and counseling, custom orthotics, family chiropractic care, and extremity adjustments.

You and your family deserve to live happy, healthy, pain-free, and fulfilling lives, and the team at Aurora Chiropractic Center is dedicated to ensuring you can. Dr. Messerschmidt accepts worker’s compensation and personal injury cases and maintains an extensive referral network in the Northwest, ensuring that residents in Hoonah, Kake, Haines, and Juneau, AK, have access to compassionate and effective relief. Don’t wait another day to improve your health and wellness. Call today to schedule an appointment. 

We have an extensive referral base in Seattle working with some of the top MDs and Clinics in the Northwest. We also accept workers' compensation and personal injury cases.

If you live in Petersburg, Hoonah, Angoon, Kake, or Haines and have been injured or suffer from chronic pain, consider scheduling a consultation with Aurora Chiropractic. We serve many patients close to Juneau. Give us a call to see how we can help.


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